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British association of higher education circus arts providers

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The Association of Higher Education Circus Arts Providers (UK) was created in 2010 to promote and support the development of circus arts training at Higher Education level in order to ensure the recognition of circus arts across the country.

It is comprised of all the Higher Education Institutions that offer a circus arts curriculum in the UK.

As a lobby, it aims at the creation of progressive training routes for all young people who wish to enter the circus arts community as professional artists and performers.


  • development of course curriculums at Higher Education level,
  • development of strategies for teacher training and recognition of the teaching profession,
  • student exchanges and other joint artistic activities.


All those working in circus arts education at Higher Education level: administrators, teachers, occasional staff and students.

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  • National Centre for Circus Arts, London, UK
  • Circomedia, Bristol, UK


  • President: Kate White
  • Vice-president: Nicholas Young


Association of Higher Education Circus Arts Providers
National Centre for Circus Arts
Coronet Street
N16HD London
United Kingdom

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