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Encuentro Europeo de Escuelas de Circo - The Freak Cabaret Circus

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EEEC is a place of exchange and learning for students of different European schools, a place to discover the different realities of circus schools and different forms of creation. A professional framework to show the differents created works and to enjoy high quality shows.

It is a meeting between four European circus schools that consists of three different parts:

  1. An artistic residence that is the beginning of the creation and takes place at CUPULA Circus Village Festival in Arcozelo, Portugal in September.
  2. Development of the shows in each schools through the course.
  3. Exhibition of the street shows at the International Theater and Arts Festival of Valladolid, Spain, in May.

The structure

5 schools from five different European countries. Five students and a project manager from each participating school.

EEEC is structured in three parts:

  1. The work starts in a creative residence at CUPULA Circus Village Festival in Portugal in September. Where the four schools will know the topic on which they will work. They will have workshops that will help them in their creation and training processes. A creation space, where the students with the project director of each school, will begin to work on the “seed” of the show they will be presenting at TAC Festival. The meeting ends with the sample of that creation process that they have been developed through the Meeting.
  2. Through the course, students will work on the show creation in their respective schools with the project directors. Each school is free to do it in the way that suits better with their pedagogical program.
  3. The final sample of the work in May of next year at TAC- International Theater and Arts Festival of Valladolid, Spain, The schools will exhibit their show within the framework of the festival's program and attend talks about the creative processes. The street shows will be shown in the meeting reserved space.

In both festivals the students will enjoy the programming of the festivals and open lines of debate and exchange.

The goals

  • Cultural exchange between five countries.
  • Exchange of creation processes.
  • Exchange of circus techniques through coexistence.
  • Analysis between the different European circus schools realities.
  • Provide students with tools for their creation and training processes.
  • Give students the possibility to work and show their work in a semi-professional environment. A complete experience of creation, development and exhibition close to their professional future.
  • Exchange place for creators / trainers.
  • Consolidate a network of work between the cuatro schools.
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Director: Natalia Ortega Embid

Technical director: Rafael López


The Freak Cabaret Circus
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47006 Valladolid. Spain
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+34 677736535

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